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CRPIM – Centre for Research & Promotion of Indian Music

The cultural wealth of India consists of many forms of art and one of which is Indian Music. CRPIM has been formed to mainly preserve and promote Indian music with organized and professional methodology. Presently in India, the Indian music tradition is not being nurtured the way traditional music is nurtured in other countries. Therefore there is an urgent need for an Institution to synchronize the whole system with regard to Indian Music thereby making the world and Indians as well, realize the true values imbibed in Indian music. At CRPIM what we feel that the process of making known the values of Indian music to the masses needs to be strengthen and further improved keeping in pace with the current technological era.

In good old days, the era of globalization was just a concept; therefore none of the countries were able to internationalize their art formats. However, now with the help of many technological avenues available, the whole process of creating awareness of Indian Music needs a different approach. The approach should be based on broader canvass and modern technology to pursue & promote Indian music. If we see the trend worldwide, foreigners are gradually orienting towards Indian music, Indian literature and also Indian theatre and have already started realizing the scientific and spirituality approach, the peace of mind and cultural essence of the social order in various form of Indian Art predominantly in Indian Music. The Center has just begun its mission towards achieving its objective of pursuing, researching, promoting hard-core Indian music lovers domestic as well as internationally.

The Five Basic Objectives Of Crpim
  1. Creating an effective platform for upcoming talent
  2. Creating a state of art facility for music education
  3. Creating an Indian Music portal
  4. Creating a research center
  5. Creating international presence of CRPIM

GCIM – Global Community of Indian Music

Global Community of Indian Music (GCIM) is a Community building initiative between Perfect Octave Media Projects Limited (POMPL) and Centre for Research and Promotion of Indian Music (CRPIM)

All Indian classical based music genres are very popular globally resulting in creation of local and smaller groups/communities of connoisseurs' all across thereby establishing our music genre as one of the niche music segments. Therefore the limited financial and other resources have brought our music genre to a stagnation point thereby limiting the prospects to take it to the next level. Despite of richness in our music, we are not able to establish Indian classical Music as one of the promising professions like other subjects.

Therefore the urgent need of the hour is to unite and create a huge community of music connoisseurs across the globe under one umbrella to collectively preserve, protect and promote various genres of Indian Classical based music on a larger canvass.

CRPIM and Perfect Octave Media Projects Ltd. have come together to form a Global Community of Indian Music which will address all such aspects on a common platform and promote Indian Classical Music and other genre based thereon effectively.