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Profile Of Perfect Octave Media Projects Limited

Perfect Octave Media Projects Limited is a listed company incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 in the year 1991 in Mumbai in the State of Maharashtra. This BSE listed entity committed in the business of Entertainment with an aim to upscale Indian Music as a preferred genre in the lines of other popular genres within the Music Industry.

Perfect-Octave – The Music specialist with commendable on hand experience of over a decade is focusing on providing musical offerings on the various platforms showcasing different genres of Indian Music such as Classical, Sufi, Ghazal, fusion and Dance. Perfect Octave believes in presenting this rich culture and heritage of our music & dance in a manner which will not only invoke the interests of the next generation of listeners but will also appeal to the connoisseurs of Indian Music.

In its quest to take Indian Music to next level, Perfect Octave has adopted 360 degree approach to reach out the music lovers and is therefore ventured into various endeavors:

" Jai Ho ! The new channel Insync showcases Indian Classical Music and promotes Indian Music. It is good for Indian Music that something like this has come up at last as there is no other music larger than our music. It is my appeal that by supporting this channel, you would be supporting the Indian Musicians and Music lovers.
Pandit Jasraj